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TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd offers opportunity of partnership to Training centres who are presently running small or medium scale independent Training centres & corporations, universities or other educational institutions that provide skill training. We believe that by combining the TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD affiliations with industry strength and instructional excellence of our partners we can ensure that our students can achieve the highest level of success in their chosen field.

Our synergy should attract a huge number of students who are willing to make career in skill India initiative of our honourable Prime Minister. Our goal is to add visibility to the resources and capabilities of these strategically chosen partners to assist us in expanding our venture across India and training the maximum number of aspirants.

Infrastructure Requirements

In order to become TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd Training Partner, you need to have a strong quality focus as well a state-of-the-art training environment. There should be a will to train the brains of the youth of the unprivileged strata of the society. We don't seek charity but sincere efforts in the programme guidelines are must. Each project has different infrastructure requirement that can be defined on an as an when basis.


  • Availability of around 3,000 Sq ft area, with at least 2-3 classrooms & Lab each. Each room should have capacity to accommodate at least 30 candidates (300 Sq ft), Computer lab having at least 15 PCs, Broadband internet connectivity, Printer, scanner etc. Separate washroom for Girls & Boys. etc.


  • Availability of around 600-750 Sq ft area, with around 5-7 PC/Laptop, having at least 1 classroom & 1 Lab each. Each room should have capacity to accommodate at least 20-25 students (250 Sq ft), Dish installation lab, Computer lab having at least 5 PCs, Broadband internet connectivity, Printer, scanner etc. Separate washroom for Girls & Boys. etc.

The Partnership offers the following incentives

TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD commits to the mentor its partners by providing complete help for skilled trainings and keeping partners fully informed and updated about the happenings around. TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD Partners enjoy the closest possible relationship with us who ensure their students are inspired with the latest cutting-edge technology in every field and ready to face the challenges of the world.

The TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd Training Partner Program offers a unique level of technical and marketing support. Our partners have access to TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD official curriculum and a dedicated program staff and co-marketing resources to support your implementation of our training products.

    Partnership benefits include the following:-
  • Access to TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd official curriculum including new course releases and updates for existing courseware.
  • Cooperative marketing support, including access to TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd logos and trademarks to promote Partner alliance.
  • Real-time access to Trainers & Instructors and course evaluation data.
  • Detailed partner profile and contact information posted on our websites.
  • Centralized program certification to all candidates of TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd Training Partners.
  • Centralized Placement support to all candidate of TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD (I) Pvt Ltd Training Partners.
  • Quarterly Learning Partner meetings.

Become A Partner

Partner applications are submitted online and are reviewed upon receipt. Approval for primary and secondary training locations is made upon the following criteria:

  • Demand for training in that region
  • Candidate’s existing Training expertise
  • Quality and comprehensiveness of the Partner’s sales and marketing plan to promote our training programs
  • Partners' experience of running a Training Business and/or delivering of quality Training

If you feel your organization has the expertise and commitment to support current and future generations of TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD's Training Programs and services, then we want to hear from you.

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to working together.

Partner's Role Profile

  • Set up the Training Centre as per the specifications of Project. This varies from project to project.
  • Mobilisation of quality students through counselling for Training
  • Collection & deposit of course fees from students
  • Follow Standard Operation Procedure (SOPs) and Conduct training at the centres
  • Maintain students database & records of training
  • Conduct of assessment
  • Adhere to the policies and procedures mentioned in the franchisee agreement.
  • Create local market awareness by various campaigning programs.
  • Local tie ups for placement of students
  • Reporting to TBL EDUCATION (l) PVT. LTD as per guidelines.
  • Distributing of certificates to students


  • Project Start-Up & ongoing support
  • Proving support in Infrastructure setup
  • Guiding Promotion & Students Mobilisation Strategy
  • Sharing course material and imparting training support
  • Educational Centre Administration Support
  • Arranging the Train the Trainer programme
  • Assessment support & assistance
  • Sharing Financial Assistance & Monetary reward
  • Placement assistance

Franchisee selection is based on a number of factors including proven excellence in training, available facilities and equipment and instructor expertise. In order to join our Franchisee Network, submit your details in the form below. Our Franchisee team will review your Application and contact you within 48 Hrs.

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